The strange story about a dog that specializes in walking on two legs and the truth behind it makes everyone admire

Dexter is a 7-year-old Brittany Spaniel living in Colorado, USA. Dexter has become an inspiration for many people around the world in his efforts to overcome adversity, after teaching himself how to walk on two feet.

Dexter - Chú chó gây hiếu kỳ khi có thể đi hai chân như con người

As a puppy, Dexter escaped from his owner’s yard in Ouray, Colorado, ran into traffic and was hit by a car. Doctors were forced to amputate one of its front legs, while the other front leg was seriously damaged.

Luckily, Dexter survived and that’s all his owner cared about. The owner thought that Dexter would need some kind of wheelchair to get around without his front legs, and he had actually been using a wheelchair for some time.

However, Dexter later discovered that he could go much faster using only his hind legs. Since then, Dexter has learned to walk on his hind legs like a human and has become the pride of the whole town of Ouray.

Chú chó nổi tiếng nhờ bắt chước dáng đi của con người - Báo Phụ Nữ

Dexter’s owner, Kentee Pasek, first saw the dog walking on its hind legs when she left him on the porch and a moment later found him lying at the top of the stairs. Because the dog did not use a wheelchair, Ms. Pasek did not know how the dog got there. She decided to take her phone to secretly record, then left Dexter on the porch again and discovered something interesting.

Since then, Dexter has become increasingly proficient at walking on his hind legs. It’s even possible to stroll around town. Gradually, Dexter becomes a famous figure to everyone in town. Everyone enjoys seeing Dexter passing by and attending the annual parades and festivals.

Cảm phục chú chó bị tai nạn mất chi, quyết không đầu hàng số phận đã tập đi  bằng 2 chân như con người

It always puts a smile on the faces of those around us and reminds them that even though life knocks us down, we always have a way to get up.

Of course, in the era of overwhelming Internet, Dexter also gradually became famous on social networks. It already has hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram and TikTok.

Occasionally there are people who leave negative comments, accusing Kentee Pasek of intentionally training Dexter to walk like that just to attract attention. But according to her and several veterinarians, Dexter’s ability to walk on two legs is just a solution he created to overcome adversity.

Cảm phục chú chó bị tai nạn mất chi, quyết không đầu hàng số phận đã

It is also important to know that most pet owners in the US, if they were in Pasek’s situation, would kill their pets, rather than let them suffer. But Pasek simply couldn’t do that because she wanted her dog to have a chance. “We thought Dexter wouldn’t make it through the accident,” she told People. “I can’t kill it without giving it a chance. I can’t do that.”

Dexter’s case is considered very rare but not unique. There used to be a dog named Faith who had both front legs amputated and learned how to move with her back legs. Like Dexter, Faith also became an inspiration to millions around the world, even having an NGO named after it.


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