Sleighing the Style: Selena Gomez Rocks Red Romper, Sizzling on Stage with Yuletide Jams

She just recently enjoyed a relaxing and romantic Mexican getaway with her boyfriend Justin Bieber.

And it seems as though the time off has really rejuvenated Selena Gomez.

Slipping into a racy red Christmas romper, the 19-year-old belted out tunes at the Now 99.7 Triple Ho Concert 2.0 at HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, last night.

How very merry! Selena Gomez slipped into a racy red festive romper to belt out Christmas tunes at a concert in San Jose, California, last night

The Wizards Of Waverly place star showed off her super slim figure in the spangled attire, which featured tiny shorts and a low-cut front

The singer let the risque outfit do all the talking, wearing her brunette locks out in a natural wave and accessorising with a simple pair of hoop earrings.

As always Selena used her rhinestone-encrusted microphone for the energetic performance.

Meanwhile, the teenager found an unusual way to celebrate Christmas  –  with a crazy socks party.

Slim: The Wizards Of Waverly place star showed off her super slim figure in the spangled attire, which featured tiny shorts and a low-cut front

The get together, which was attended by a few of Selena’s friends, occurred over the weekend.

Selena posted a few pictures of herself and her buddies via Twitter.

‘We’re the 6 best friends that anyone could have’ and ‘Bout to have a crazy socks party…. Pics soon :)’ she wrote as she posed with her pals, shopping in a superstore.

In the Christmas atmosphere, Selena Gomez chose a red denim outfit to perform at 'Now 99.7′s Triple Ho Concert' in San Jose, California, attracting the attention of fans.

She then posted an image of herself and a female friend donning some cheery Christmas socks, with the Disney star writing: ‘Yes… It happened.’

The goofy outing was certainly a different scene to her holiday in Los Cabos with Justin.

The couple were there for the wedding of one of Selena’s close friends and also to celebrate their one year anniversary.

During their down time the teenagers were spotted looking completely loved up as they lounged poolside as well as beachside in the sunny Mexican setting.

At one point the amorous pair were seen sharing a lingering kiss on the golden sands, before cooling off in the ocean and making a splash on a pair of jet skis.

The stage heated up when Selena appeared, especially when she wore such a

Putting the drama of recent weeks behind them – which has seen Justin accused of fathering a lovechild – the happy couple frolicked.

This outfit of Selena Gomez was made by designer Marco Marco.

Many fans shared on a forum that since falling in love with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has changed quite a lot, especially in the way she dresses.

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